Adventures on our 1967 35ft Alberg Ericson sloop Swept Away


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Chelios Has been found May 13

Posted by Linda on May 14, 2010 at 5:19 AM Comments comments (0)

the evening i check my emails and there  is a message requarding our lost bird some one found him.   he showed up on their porch.  Jumped on her shoulder and cuddle with her.  she thought wow I never thought she would ever want a bird but her and her family fell in love with him right away they bought him a cage.  She took him to the vet the next morning may 11 He had a respitoary infection he was whezzing and sneezing.  The avian vet gave him a shot of antibiotics and some oral antibiotics and clipped his wings the vet told her that he was a remarkable bird to be so loving that someone must hand fed him and they must be looking for him.  So she started to look for lost sunconures online for over 2 days she searched and found my add.  her family baged her not to search for us but she said it is the right thing to do and put her self in our shoes. At May 14 she will be meeting with my husband at 10:00 to bring our baby home thank you amy for taking care of our baby while he was in your care 

leaving for home to take care of unfinished business

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May 8 i had to leave for home to take the rental car back and put the house up for sale and finish packing.  now its may 10 i arrived home.  took care of things put an add online for lost baby sunconre

Chelios are 5 month baby sunconure flys away

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May 7th our second day on sweptaway we let him out of his cage like normal. the hatch was open and he flew off.  He circled around the boat 3 times and he took off across the marsh.  that night i spotted him in the trees on shore and called his name he squawked to let me know he was there.  So that next morning we went down at sunrise and called him.  He answered back.  Again he circled around us 3 times and off he went. and we never seen him again day after day we would call out for him

Arrived on sweptaway may 5 th

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Swept away was as beautiful as we thought she was.  She had a few imperfections but with some tender loving care she will be ready for her next adventure

April 22nd 2010

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 Today We finished paying off Swept Away :). We are getting ready to take her down the ICW from Savannah, Ga to Ft. Myers, Fl. We just bought a 3000 watt Honda generator, and are going to buy a gas grill for her too. We are planning to leave, Tomahawk, WI next week, and go get on our boat, we will update the site,  with new pics, and info when we get on her next week.

When dreams become a reality

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The Journey begins with a long search for the perfect boat. After more than a year of searching, and dreaming about one day living aboard a sailboat. The race was on with countless hours searching. We looked at a 41ft Formosa ketch, 32 Gulf Pilot house, The Oday 322. Then we found a Hans Christian 33T. We really Liked this boat, but at $85,000.00 it was really a little over our heads. Then On (3-25-2010)
My Husband was looking on Yacht World when he came upon Swept Away a 1967 35 ft Alberg Ericson her price was $13,000.00. We seen several nice Albergs but this one fit our pocket book. The only problem is that she has bad bulk heads ouch!!! We thought it over and looked at some more Sailboats, and we kept on coming back to Swept Away like she was calling our name. So Yesterday My Husband called and made a offer. One that they couldn't refuse. $9,400.00 This morning (3-30-2010) at 8:15 am the phone
rings. our offer was excepted.!!! Now only problem is our house is not sold, and we just put a $1000.00 down payment on our dream boat.  With repaiars between 2,500 to 5,000 for new Bulk-heads she could be as good as new. So We Went with the 1967 Alberg Ericson 35 foot Sloop Swept Away. Look at the pictures when we bought her.